5 cryptos to buy for the New Year 2022

As the holiday season draws closer, there is no shortage of potential crypto projects. Between Lucky Block, Velas, Pancakeswap, Verasity or even Ultra, here are 5 cryptos to buy for the New Year! 

5 cryptos to buy for the New Year 2022

As the holiday season draws closer, there is no shortage of potential crypto projects. Between Lucky Block, Velas, Pancakeswap, Verasity or even Ultra, here are 5 cryptos to buy for the New Year! 
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To offer a certain portfolio diversification, we have chosen to present very different projects. Whether in terms of field of action but also in terms of maturity. Zoom in on 5 projects that could well increase your crypto capital in the weeks or months to come!

1 - Lucky Block: a token in pre-launch

 The Lucky Block crypto project displays its ambitions by announcing itself as “the best online crypto-lottery in the world ”. With its project, Lucky Block therefore intends to respond to the problems encountered by the lottery world: lack of transparency, payment processing time or even the possible loss of a winning ticket. To secure its solution, Lucky Block has been audited by a recognized organization: Solid Proof.
Thanks to its blockchain solution based on Binance Smart Chain, Lucky Block facilitates access to lottery games by offering a solution for players around the world as justified by the developers in the white paper:

How To Buy LuckyBlock Now?

As of today, and until February 1, 2022, the Lucky Block token is available for pre-sale at the preferential rate of $ 0.00015 and for a minimum investment of $ 100. For the listing, the token is expected on exchanges like Pancakeswap at the end of the pre-sale, on February 1. A month which should be loaded with events for Lucky Block with the listing on platforms like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko which will help to offer greater visibility.
Current token price: Not available
Project marketcap: Not available

2 - Velas (VLX)

 As its acronym suggests (VELAS stands for Virtual Expanding Learning Autonomous System), blockchain puts the notion of artificial intelligence at the heart of its ecosystem . An AI that would allow, according to the creators of Velas, to provide a flexible response, depending on the circumstances, to the trilemma of blockchains (security, scalability, and decentralization). Depending on network conditions, the blockchain is thus able to adapt in real time. To favor security, scalability or even decentralization.
The Velas ecosystem aims to take the best of each world by drawing inspiration from different blockchains such as Solana or Ethereum. It is for this reason that Velas is notably based on the Solana blockchain, known to be one of the fastest and most efficient on the market in terms of the number of transactions per second. The Velas blockchain also integrates the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) which allows compatibility with the Ethereum programming language and the ecosystem of this blockchain. For developers this means that it is possible to deploy the applications on another ecosystem, while retaining the Solidity programming language.
Current token price: $ 0.3672
Project marketcap:  $ 780 million

3 - Ultra (UOS)

 The Ultra project focuses on the world of video games. Ultra aims to provide users, developers, and influencers in the industry with unique and innovative tools. In particular by providing a platform for the sale of games, Ultra is clearly a competitor of the giant Steam. Ultra-also offers features that allow you to interact between players, with influencers or to participate in online tournaments.
The UOS token (ERC-20 token) is the token of the UOS ecosystem. It is via this token that users will be able to make their purchases on the platform. UOS also offers an NFT platform, with the ability to purchase items from your favorite games. Like many crypto projects, Ultra seeks to consolidate its ecosystem through partnerships. And the least we can say is that the partnerships already established are very solid. With well-known companies like AMD, Ubisoft, Theta, the Kucoin exchange, Atari, Elrond or even The Sandbox.
Current token price:  $ 1.73
Project marketcap:  $ 487 million

4 - PancakeSwap (CAKE)

 Pancakeswap is the decentralized exchange of the Binance Smart Chain. An exchange via which it is possible to exchange (swap) the tokens accessible on this blockchain. Pancakeswap also offers to participate in liquidity pools and to be rewarded according to its participation in each pool. The staking rewards on the token remain very interesting today in view of the strength of the project. In auto-staking, the CAKE shows an APY of 78%.
In recent weeks, the CAKE token has seen its price drop sharply. Less than 3 months ago, a CAKE was then exchanged for more than 25 dollars. The course has just been almost divided by 2 which could constitute an opportunity to enter the project.
Current token price:  $ 13.11
Project marketcap:  $ 3.2 billion

5 - Verasity (VRA)

 Verasity is a project that targets the world of streaming and more particularly the e-sport sector. By providing streaming solutions in this environment, Verasity aims to put content creators back at the center of the chessboard. But the project is not confined to users and players. Via its Proof of View protocol, Verasity is also intended for advertisers. The protocol developed makes it possible to ensure that the viewing of advertisements on the platform is not carried out by bots. Proof of View is an extremely transparent protocol that allows advertisers to access verifiable data quickly. Verasity is growing today thanks to companies that ensure their online presence on platforms such as Youtube or Facebook.
The VRA is the ecosystem governance token. Users can also be paid in VRA when they view advertisements from advertisers. Verasity recently entered into a partnership with Axie Infinity which may give it greater visibility in the future. Despite this, the token has had a pretty difficult last month. From $ 0.08 to nearly $ 0.05 in November after a sharp increase in September and October. A few weeks before the New Year, this project could constitute an interesting buying opportunity.
Current token price: $ 0.05422
Project marketcap:  $ 242 million

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