4 Steps to Become a Front End Developer in 2021

This is just to kind of show you guys the overall road map we are going to be looking at when we are talking about front-end.

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Cloud Computing : What is the Cloud Computing ?

Computing is fast gaining a great deal of ground from the present technological era. There are many merits that come from moving in...

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President Trump : Robert will be greatly missed

President Donald Trump had some very sad news to share tonight, his youngest brother Robert has died a few weeks short of his 72nd...

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Trump : coronavirus vaccine possible before Nov. 3 and...

US President Donald Trump expressed his hope that the Russian "Sputnik-V" vaccine against the Coronavirus, the first in the world,...

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Sputnik V : The world's very first coronavirus vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday that Russia has enrolled the world's very first coronavirus vaccine -- called Sputnik...

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Chinese accuse Washington of using national security to...

Chinese officials accuse Washington of using national security as an excuse to stop a rival to U.S. tech industries.

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Russia announces World's 'first' coronavirus vaccine

Russia has developed the "first" vaccine against the coronavirus, Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday during a video conference, assuring...

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60% of people in west Virginia can't pay their rent and...

TikTok So president trump wants to ban TikTok because of its connection to china the democrats responded here's what chuck Schumer...

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Donald Trump says he will ban Tik Tok in America

US President Donald Trump said that he intends to sign, on Saturday, August 1, 2020, an executive order banning the application of...

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Accessibility Features for Windows 10 2020

I will show you every feature at setting that I am aware of and hopefully you will find at least one or two of these could be useful...

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top 10 netflix original movies 2020

This post will only include films released on the streaming service over the last couple of years as always these will be our personal...

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TOP 5 Books you should read in 2020

Here are five books that I highly recommend

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