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Lists in python

iOS 14 now supports "change icon". Where can I find a good-looking...

Thanks to the introduction of the App resource library, we can achieve "seamless replacement" of home screen icons in iOS 14. Everyone's...

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TOP 8 very useful Vue custom instructions

In Vue, in addition to the default built-in instructions (v-model and v-show) of the core functions, Vue also allows the registration...

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Powerful of JSON5 2020

It has everything you want! This is the JSON5 standard, which has the following characteristics:

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AirBuddy 2: Allow AirPods to "connect right out of the...

As an Apple accessory, AirPods has an excellent experience on Apple mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. It has design animations,...

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Apple offers a five-month free trial of Apple Music

According to Shazam's App Store page, this offer is valid until January 17, 2021, and can be used in the United Kingdom, the United...

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Apple M1 chip, Steve Jobs's final killer

Apple's M1 chip has been released for some time. Numerous articles have interpreted the significance of this chip with 16 billion...

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iPhone 12 mini out of the box!

iPhone 12 mini out of the box! Compared with the 4th generation, it is lighter and thinner, and the hand feels infused with the 5th...

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Raspberry Pi 400 is released: the keyboard and the host...

Recently, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released a unique new single-board computer: Raspberry Pi 400. The appearance of this new Raspberry...

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Microsoft Edge for Linux

At the Ignite 2020 conference that opened on September 22, Microsoft announced that the  Linux version of Edge will be available in...

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Three-way quick sort you may not know

What is quicksort? Quicksort was proposed by the Turing Award winner CAR Hoare (1934--) in 1960.

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Huawei Mate40 Pro first hands-on experience

At the just past Huawei Mate 40 series conference, the new flagship was officially unveiled, and it is the seventh year since the...

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