9 tips to type your code fast

Before taking out the keyboard, sit down for two seconds with a notepad and a pencil. Try to decompose the task into big steps. Then...

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What is the difference between an ARM architecture and...

The main difference between the two architectures is in the choice of design of their instruction set : the x86 architecture is a...

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Which framework is best for deep learning in 2020 ?

All major computer (Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook) have joined the race, resulting in their wake much enthusiastic, everyone from his...

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Tuple in python

A tuple is a collection which is ordered and unchangeable

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Lists in python

Lists in python are a variable in which you can put several variables.

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6 steps to start your first website

If you follow through not apperceive CSS, search out it. CSS allows you to upkeep the formatting of your website

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Is it worth investing in online courses?

The worth of these certificates is a judgment call and will depend on the type of employer or the position you are applying for.

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How to get input from user in python ?

Developers often need to interact with the user, either to get data or to get result.Python provides us a built-in function for reading...

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5 ignored things to consider before Buying a Laptop

Buying a laptop is a major investment decision. As such it is not one that you should make lightly. Below are 5 Things which will...

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TOP 5 YouTube Playlists to learn Python 2020

Python could be your starting point as it is on the top of the trend programming languages of the 2020 list and is also very simple...

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What You Should Know to protect your children from video...

Computer and video games are a favorite pastime among people of all ages, especially kids. But many of the video games of today are...

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Should I Create a Website?

Websites became a necessity to almost everyone. Businesses, industries, individuals, politicians even young adults have created personal...

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