All about usb type c

This is everything you need to know about USB type-c so there's a bunch of different new ports out there that you might have seen HDMI 2.0 DisplayPort thunderbolt and lightning

All about usb type c

This is everything you need to know about USB type-c so there's a bunch of different new ports out there that you might have seen HDMI 2.0 DisplayPort thunderbolt and lightning, just to name a few and they're all pioneered by different manufacturers because they all have different purposes they're all built to do different things.

Thunderbolt for example designed by Intel and made specifically to attach peripherals to a computer.


Lightning is designed by Apple it's made specifically to charge and connect low power accessories like iPhones and iPads and seemingly out of nowhere we get this USB-C it seems like just another new port but the key to USB-C is the U it's universal USB can be used by anyone anywhere it's not proprietary and that's why pretty much every Android phone you see out there has a USB port of some kind so, USB-C is USB 3.1 so we've probably all seen a computer with USB 2.0 ports those are everywhere and over the past couple of years we've seen more and more of these USB 3.0 ports those are the SuperSpeed ones that usually have blue on the inside.


Now, we're looking at USB 3.1 and a smaller type-c connector the port so that's why this is called USB type-c USB 2.0 and 3.0 come in the form of full-size USB but also micro USB and mini USB and a bunch of other versions, USB 3.1 is just the one tiny port so you have it in laptops but you can also have it in computers and tablets and smartphones and monitors pretty much everything can use this tiny port.


How is it better than the previous version how is USB 3.1 type-c better than USB 2.0 or 3.0? 


  • Number one it is smallerand thinner so it can fit in the thinnest of the thin devices along with all thick normal-sized one.


  • Number two it's super versatileit can carry up to a hundred watts of power so you can charge full-size electronics and it can carry data at up to 10 gigabits per second which is a super high data transfer rate you can run a 4k monitor off of this you can run a super-fast SSD raid into something off of this it's very fast and very powerful.


  • Number three it's backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0and it's reversible so you can plug it in the right way the first time every single time so USB C and it's a reversible glory is great and everything.


But where are we going to start to see this be used is it going to be popular in the future?

Yes it's going to be everywhere a new MacBook might be one of the first to use USB-C but it will not be the only one and I guess this is Apple being super aggressive and very Apple about it about making a statement that USB-C is a future by making it the only port in their new machine but it's certainly going to be a lot more plentiful in the second generation I can pretty much guarantee the second generation of this thin and light new MacBook will have more than one USB port quote me.


This is the Chromebook pixel it came out recently and which look at that it has two USB-C ports on either side which is convenient because you can choose to plug into power on the left side or the right side just based on where you are on your desk it's nice.

Now, these early machines with just one or two USB-C ports on them are not exactly meant to be powerhouses if you've noticed a theme it's a Chromebook and a tiny sort of a netbook style so they're not meant to connect a lot of peripherals to them and if you do want to you'll need adapters and trust me they're willing to sell you lots and lots of adapters for now but in the future machines that are meant to be more powerful will have many more USB C ports expect to see this port is not only a bunch of laptops but a bunch of tablets and a bunch of future smartphones and anywhere you see a USB port now whether it's full size or micro USB or mini USB expect that to turn into a USB C port pretty soon.

So, we'll get this in products from not just Apple and Google but Samsung and Motorola and Asus and there are already a Nokia and one but with just a USB type-c port already.And you can say what you want about what the next Nexus looks like already but I think this is a pretty good indication that that too will have a USB-C port.

There you go I think it's safe to say that computers of the future will have plenty of USB-C ports laptops of the future will just be lined with a bunch of USB-C and that's the vision I guess the dream is to just have one charger that you can charge any of your electronics with would be nice.

USB-C is on its way in getting ready for it to buy your adapters now.


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