Doogee V20 Pro - Unleashing the Power of Thermal and Night Vision Cameras on a Smartphone!

Doogee V20 Pro - Unleashing the Power of Thermal and Night Vision Cameras on a Smartphone!

Doogee V20 Pro - Thermal & Nightvision Camera On A Phone!

Today we're taking a look at the Doogee V20 Pro, a rugged smartphone with a difference. It's packed full of features like a thermal camera and night vision. We've even got a built-in kickstand to enjoy all of your favorite media. Full disclosure before we get into it though, the video is sponsored by Doogee, and they've sent me the phone for free to review for you guys. But that, of course, does not change my opinions.

Design and Display

The Doogee V20 Pro is different from other rugged smartphones in many ways. The first thing I noticed when I picked it up for the first time is just how light the phone is. Rugged smartphones tend to be pretty heavy, but you can feel just how light this is the minute you pick it up. It weighs around just 304 grams without the case and 333 grams including the case.

Although light, it still feels very well-built, and that's no surprise considering we get IP68 water resistance, IP69K dust and temperature resistance, as well as being MIL-STD-810H military tested.

On the front, we've got a full-screen display coming in at 6.43 inches. It's an AMOLED display with a full HD Plus resolution of 1080 by 2400 and an aspect ratio of 20:9. We've also got a brightness of 500 nits, and the display is protected by Gorilla Glass.

The display is smooth and responsive, and you can choose whether you want to navigate with the buttons at the bottom or remove them and just use the gestures instead. We've got a punch-hole camera at the top center, housing a 16-megapixel selfie camera. We've also got the option in settings to activate a dynamic Island for those of you who want it.

Features and Functionality

One of my favorite features of the V20 Pro is the Easy Key on the left-hand side of the phone. It's essentially a shortcut key that you can customize to open apps or perform different shortcuts. You can choose options for single press, double-click, or long press. For example, I've set a single press for a screenshot, double-click for the underwater camera, and long press to open up my emails.

Next to the Easy Key, we've got the dual SIM tray, which also supports a Micro SD card up to two terabytes. On the right-hand side, we've got the volume buttons and the power button, which also doubles as a fingerprint scanner to quickly unlock the phone.

If we take a look at the rear, you can see the interesting camera layout. It's different from all the other phones out there. We've got a versatile camera system consisting of:

  • 64-megapixel primary camera with phase detect autofocus, f/1.8 aperture, and a 90-degree field of view.
  • 24-megapixel night vision camera with f/1.8 aperture and an 80-degree field of view.
  • 8-megapixel fusion camera with f/1.8 aperture and a 90-degree field of view.
  • 1000-meter high-precision thermal imaging camera to measure temperature through your phone.

It's nice to see such a versatile camera system on a phone. Now let's dive into the details of the camera test shortly.

Performance and Battery

The Doogee V20 Pro is powered by the Dimensity 700 system-on-chip. It comes with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage. So, it's not the most powerful phone out there, but it's still very capable for day-to-day tasks, and I had no issues with performance during my testing.

In terms of battery life, we've got a 10,000 milliamp-hour battery, which is massive and definitely one of the standout features of this phone. You can expect two days of battery life easily with average use. And even with heavy use, you should comfortably get through a full day.

Camera Test

Alright, let's move on to the camera test. The camera app is straightforward and easy to use. We've got different modes to choose from, including a pro mode for those of you who like to have full control over your settings.

In daylight conditions, the primary camera produces some great shots with good detail and accurate colors. The night vision camera is where things get really interesting. It allows you to capture photos and videos in complete darkness, and the results are surprisingly good. It's not something you'd use every day, but it's definitely a fun feature to have.

The thermal imaging camera is also quite impressive. It's not just a gimmick, as it can be genuinely useful in certain situations. You can use it to measure temperature variances, check for heat loss, or even spot animals at night.


Overall, the Doogee V20 Pro is a unique and feature-packed rugged smartphone. It offers a lightweight design, a great display, and a versatile camera system that includes a thermal camera and night vision capabilities. The performance is solid, and the battery life is exceptional. If you're someone who needs a rugged smartphone with some extra features, the Doogee V20 Pro is definitely worth considering.

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