Linux Mint 20.2 is officially released

The developers of Linux Mint pay more attention to application updates that may be overlooked

Linux Mint 20.2 is officially released

Update manager changes

The first notable change is in the update manager. The developers of Linux Mint pay more attention to application updates that may be overlooked. Previously, users would see an orange dot above the updater icon in the taskbar to remind users to update. In Linux Mint 20.2, the update manager remembers how long each application update has been launched.

In addition, it will also display the number of days the computer has been powered on since the update was launched. The update manager will now also check whether the device is plugged in to ensure that the update will not run when the machine is on battery.

New Apps

A new application called Bulky has been added. As the name suggests, it can be used to rename files in batches to save time. All you need to do is to open the application, select the files you want to rename, enter a new name for each file, and click the rename button.

Another application called Sticky Notes has also been added to Linux Mint, which replaced the previous GNote application and became the default note-taking application of the system. Similar to GNote, Sticky Notes is developed in GTK3, supports HiDPI, and integrates well in the desktop environment.

In addition, Linux Mint also pre-installed an application called Warpinator, which allows you to transfer files on different computers on the local network, and also launched an Android application, and now users can also use your computer and mobile Share files between.

Other improvements

HP Linux imaging and printing applications have been upgraded to version 3.21.2 to add support for newly released HP printers and scanners.

The image viewer has also been updated and now supports the .svgz image format.

The NVIDIA Prime program designed for the Optimus series of laptops allows users to switch between integrated and discrete graphics. Now it supports AMD in addition to Nvidia.

This version is equipped with linux-firmware 1.187 and Linux Kernel 5.4.

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