Musk was threatened by the hacker organization "Anonymous": accusing him of dealing with Bitcoin and blaming him as a narcissist

Musk was threatened by the hacker organization "Anonymous": accusing him of dealing with Bitcoin and blaming him as a narcissist

Musk was threatened by the hacker organization "Anonymous": accusing him of dealing with Bitcoin and blaming him as a narcissist

As Musk became more and more active on Twitter, and his several suspected manipulations of the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies have attracted the attention of relevant departments and illegal organizations.

According to various foreign media reports, a person who claimed to be from the "Anonymous" (hacker organization Anonymous) posted a video on Twitter on June 5th to criticize Musk, criticizing Musk as a narcissist and Threatened: "Perhaps you think you are smart, but you have encountered an opponent now. We are the'Anonymous' organization, waiting for us to come!"

We understand that in this video, a person wearing a mask and voice-changing process claims to represent an "anonymous". At the beginning, he shouted: "Greetings to all citizens of the world, this is an anonymous gift to Elon.・Musk’s letter."

"In the past few years, you are one of the people with the highest reputation among the billionaire class, and this is only because you satisfy most of us who want to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration. Demand."

"But it's a pity that your carefully crafted image of Wei Guangzheng has recently been overthrown, and people have begun to see you as another narcissistic and rich ordinary person who is eager to be noticed, hungry for fame, and rich."

"It seems that your pursuit of saving the world is rooted more in a sense of superiority and savior complex than in actual concern for human society."

The anonymous person then emphasized that Musk's lack of attention to human nature, "This situation has always been obvious to (his) employees, who have endured unimaginable conditions under (his) command for many years."

The organization quoted an article in the Observer and explained that “Tesla workers and workers’ rights advocates stated that the company’s ruthless pursuit of these fancy figures (benefits) is taking the health and welfare of workers. Safe and risky."

In addition, the anonymous person also quoted another article in The Times, stating:

For children working in overseas lithium mines, it is also obvious that Musk is also destroying the local environment.

"You even crowned yourself prematurely as the'Emperor of Mars', a place where you would send people to death," the organization continued. "Your fans ignore these issues because they are too focused on your project. Potential benefits that can be brought to the world".

In addition, he also thought that Musk was not a great person, and criticized his behavior of selling carbon credits, "Technically speaking, this is not your innovation, because you are not actually the founder of Tesla. You are just Bought this company from two people much smarter than you."

(Science: CNBC reported that the founders of Tesla were Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, and Musk was just an investor in the beginning)

Later, he cited an article entitled "Tesla: Using Bitcoin and the Environment to Increase Profits" and expressed doubts about it:

Tesla has made more money from holding bitcoins for two months than they have earned from selling cars over the years, and these bitcoins are also likely to be purchased with these government subsidies (carbon credits).

In addition, he also pointed out that Musk is trying to control the price of Bitcoin, "This is a show of verbal art that has been going on for more than a year and you know very well. However, once your main source of income is threatened, you will pretend to be nothing. It is known that trying to left and right choices" "Musk's move to create a Bitcoin mining committee is seen as an attempt to centralize the industry and place it under its control".

After that, he continued to use various examples to try to show that Musk was a complete hypocrite, only borrowing Bitcoin and so on to speculate, and I will not translate it line by line here.

We,also, reported that Musk recently sent two tweets to express his disappointment with Bitcoin and hopes to break up peacefully with Bitcoin. This led to a near collapse of the Bitcoin market. "Anonymous" claimed in his video: "Hundreds of investors hope to improve their lives through cryptocurrency investment. Of course, they have to bear the investment risk. Everyone knows that cryptocurrency fluctuates, but your Twitter this week shows you It doesn't care about the life and death of ordinary working-class people."

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