Secret Uber Files: Violence and Chaos, Recruitment of Politicians, and Deception of the Authorities!

Most people view Uber as the successful company that came up with the idea of ​​the million dollars, or we should say the billion dollars. A smartphone application that will connect the passenger with the driver and set the fare, provided that he takes a percentage of it. An idea that reflects the entry of technology into a new field that will transform it just as technology has done in other fields.

Secret Uber Files: Violence and Chaos, Recruitment of Politicians, and Deception of the Authorities!

Unfortunately, the situation is different with Uber, as the idea of ​​the application was not something we had not seen before, but there were a huge number of applications that provide this service. The difference is that the available services used to connect the passenger with a taxi or “taxi” driver, while Uber sought to convert every person who owns a car into a driver, disregarding the laws of all countries that criminalize this matter.

Uber's success in implementing its idea was not due to its uniqueness or ease of implementation, but through the use of violence, the recruitment of politicians and the deception of the authorities. Rather, Uber was an organized gang that used every possible means to establish itself as a fait accompli!

What I am saying is not a personal opinion, but facts revealed by a new investigation by the British Guardian newspaper after they obtained more than 124,000 leaked documents that reveal to us the truth of the most famous gang in the twenty-first century!

Deceive the authorities

As we mentioned and as you surely know, renting a regular car is or was criminalized by law. You must be a professional driver with a license to practice this profession and own a taxi licensed to practice this activity and you must also pay the required fees and taxes to the authorities.

Uber has blown all this away and relied on offering unbeatable pricing. In the end, the driver rents his own car and does not have to pay any fees to government agencies, and the passengers will look for the cheapest way, no matter what. The company will incur some losses at the beginning of its career, but this is the path of every startup company.

This did not appeal to the local authorities in those cities and began to launch security campaigns along two tracks. The first is to pursue drivers who violate the law, and the second is to raid the headquarters of the company that engages in an activity that is against the law.

To respond to this, Uber began building a system that separates its database from devices on its premises once a security raid occurs. Once the police arrive, the machines are useless, separated from the database. There is no evidence of illegal activity.

At the same time, the company developed a fake version of the application to replace the real version on the phones of security men. When a person employed by the authorities uses the application, he will be allowed to request a car as any other user but will not receive anything. He will live in the whirlpool of changing drivers. In this way, Uber has ensured protection for its employees.

buy politicians

How are you going to get rid of a security raid and investigation while you hide documents and mislead the authorities? You will definitely need a corrupt political backer to help you get through these hurdles.

Uber managers were well aware of this situation and even the leaked messages between them read, "Damn it, our work is totally illegal."

Uber turned to leading politicians in Europe and the USA. People like the current French President Macron and the current US President Joe Biden were the biggest supporters of this gang before they became their heads of state.

In France, Macron was minister of the economy at the time of Uber's rise and was the company's protector in the French authorities. In 2015, according to the leaked documents, Macron directly intervened to restore service in the city of Marseille, after the authorities succeeded in stopping it. A leaked message in which Macron told an Uber manager: "I will take this personally."

Macron quickly succeeded in restoring the service, and this was not the only time he intervened on behalf of the company. In another leaked message, Macron told a company representative that he had reached an important and confidential agreement from ministers with opposition parties within the French government. 

The communication between Uber and Macron was direct. The former Minister of Economy and the current President of France dealt with Uber more like he was their employee or a shareholder in the company. Imagine that you are a company in violation of the law and the Minister of Economy works for you, do you really think that you will be unable to confront the local authorities?

With Joe Biden, the situation is not much different. The leaks do not contain specific facts in which Biden directly assisted Uber, but the leaked documents are shocking about what was happening with him.

At this time Biden was Vice President of the United States of America. At the Davos economic conference, there was an upcoming meeting between Biden and Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber. Biden was a few minutes late, which angered Travis, sending one of his Uber colleagues, saying, "I sent him people to tell him that every minute he's late will be a minute less he spends with me."

Can you imagine, dear reader, how influential Travis Kalanick was to send a message like that to the Vice President of the United States of America?

The situation did not end here. After the meeting ended, Biden came out in a speech in which he said that he had just been in a meeting with the CEO of a company that gives its employees the freedom to work the number of hours they want and can manage their lives as they want.

Uber representatives also held meetings with British, Irish ministers, as well as a number of politicians from some European countries.

The company has also faced numerous lawsuits that demanded that it provide a minimum wage for drivers, health insurance or paid sick leave. I certainly don't need to tell you how I faced those lawsuits.

Violence and chaos

With the launch of Uber, there have been many protests in various major cities by taxi drivers against the new threat facing their profession. A service that does not require any requirements and does not pay fees and its fee is less than the fee imposed by the government.

Imagine what was Uber's plan to confront those protests? The company called on its drivers to go out in protests as well. Ostensibly the aim of these protests was to support the company and the new idea and the freedom to work it gives employees, but the real goal was to try to cause clashes between the protesters on both sides because violence would bring sympathy and put the company in a better position when negotiating with governments.

In Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, there were already clashes that Uber exploited in order to obtain concessions and facilities from the government. Uber incited its affected drivers by writing infringement reports and publishing them on the front page of De Telegraph, one of the most famous and largest Dutch newspapers.

“We will maintain the narrative of violence for several days before we come up with a solution to the crisis,” was the conversation among company officials in Europe.

Violence was not alone. As we mentioned, the minutes were published in the newspapers as part of a publicity campaign that cost the company $90 million. The goal was to improve the company's image and promote it.

After years of these practices, Uber was able to reconcile its situation in all the countries in which it operates to be one of the most successful gangs that, without these leaks, would have everyone thought that it was the unparalleled company.

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