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ChatGPT Goes Mobile: OpenAI Launches Dedicated App...

Discover the new ChatGPT mobile app from OpenAI, bringing the power of AI conversation to your smartphone. Engage in seamless conversations...

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9 top trends UI interface design in 2021

From this year's design, we can see that the design is more rational and restrained , applying gradient colors to key functions and...

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Samsung opened pre-orders for the Galaxy S21

Soon, the Android flagship war will begin in the first half of next year, and the Galaxy S21 is undoubtedly one of the most noticeable...

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How to decompile android app : jadx dex2jar jd-gui

Android APP decompile jadx dex2jar jd-gui

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TOP 10 apps you have never knew before

It is time to install apps on your phone. If you don't know where to start, we have grouped these 10 applications to install on your...

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Turn an old Android into a Webcam or Dashcam

Tap on the Settings drawer on the home page and go to Wireless and Networks. Then Turn on Wi-Fi. The phone will obtain an IP address...

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Everyone can be an android developer

Google has launched an attempt to help everyone an Android software developer. The search giant is looking to increase its app inventory...

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