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This weekend : TikTok sale to Microsoft-Walmart or Oracle

Microsoft Or Oracle has not yet been determined, and negotiations are still in progress.

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TikTok clarify the company’s future

On August 28, according to Bloomberg News, TikTok held an online meeting with thousands of American and European employees on Thursday....

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Chinese accuse Washington of using national security to...

Chinese officials accuse Washington of using national security as an excuse to stop a rival to U.S. tech industries.

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60% of people in west Virginia can't pay their rent and...

TikTok So president trump wants to ban TikTok because of its connection to china the democrats responded here's what chuck Schumer...

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Donald Trump says he will ban Tik Tok in America

US President Donald Trump said that he intends to sign, on Saturday, August 1, 2020, an executive order banning the application of...

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