The most realistic experience after starting iPhone12 mini

While maintaining a high level of hardware, it also has a seamless grip and comfort. This year’s friends Commercial flagship models are difficult to achieve balance.

The most realistic experience after starting iPhone12 mini

First, simply summarize the appearance of mini in one word:

Light small flat


133g, in the era of the crazy stacking flagship machine, it was out of place and shining. Ten years ago, the weight of the mobile phone was not even eligible to be included in the press conference, just like nowadays, few manufacturers are stacking materials at the same time. Focus on weight, and Apple once again brought a new direction to the industry.The release of this lightest flagship mobile phone in three years actually represents a renewed emphasis on ergonomics.This year, Cook has sacrificed part of sales and commercial considerations, bringing consumers a very light weight and a flat screen design. While maintaining a high level of hardware, it also has a seamless grip and comfort. This year’s friends Commercial flagship models are difficult to achieve balance.

(The blue that has been complained about, but the subjective feeling of the hand is actually very amazing)

(In some specific dark conditions, it will present a more advanced deep-space blue tone)


In terms of screen size, the mini is indeed a "true mini" next to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Due to the full-screen design, the 12 mini’s 5.4-inch screen is actually larger than the iPhone se’s 4.7. The inch screen is much larger, and it is almost the same as the 5.5 inch screen of the iPhone 8 Plus.Coupled with the exquisite Oled screen and the highest 476ppi in the whole series, the 12 mini is a real "small body experience."

(Left iPhone 12 mini, right iPhone 8 Plus)


The design of the pure straight screen panel coupled with the new super ceramic crystal panel makes the design language of the mini simpler and the body more resistant to fall.But in my opinion this is a 50-50 choice.


Those who like straight design will be more obsessed with it. This regular industrial design style is very attractive to some people. The angular design language that once appeared on iPhone 4 is a favorite of many people.The design that hates it and hates no transition. The straight and slightly cut-off frame makes it unbearable for people who are accustomed to the arc. The gentle 2.5d arc orthe waterfall screen of afriend hasits own characteristics.


No wonder people's evaluation of flat panels is polarized.Of course, in my opinion, this is actually not a big problem, after all, the real feel of the mobile phone will ultimately be reflected in the mobile phone case.


(It can also be solved with a variety of round mobile phone cases if it is not cold and straight.)


It is important to mention that the official leather protective cover purchased by the host has an extremely outrageous price (479 yuan), but the feeling it brings is really amazing.The new case feels very textured in use, and after nearly a month of use, there will be some slight scratches and wrinkles on the protective cover (private customized version), and the overall feel will gradually become round and smooth (commonly known as patina) , This kind of change full of traces of time brings a very wonderful experience.


Tips: Light-colored leather covers such as Hualing grass color have the risk of getting darker as you use them, so you must be cautious when buying.


(It can be seen that some minor scratches will appear after a period of use) 


Unsatisfactory non-flagshipbattery life:


Anyone who knows the mini knows that it is a true flagship model. Before using the mini, I carefully checked its power data. Due to the current technical limitations of the battery, it is obviously impossible to achieve such a small body. Battery life and charging rate.The size of 2227mah, even the excellent power consumption control of IOS, cannot be high-strength jump for long.Needless to say, 20w wired and 15w wireless are still so weak in today's flagship fleet.What is even more outrageous is that the MagSafe charging rate of the iPhone 12 mini is only 12w of residual blood.


In my daily use, it is perfectly possible to maintain normal use for most of the day (commuting at 7 in the morning, connecting to airpods to listen to songs, checking the news, and watching WeChat until 3 or 4 in the afternoon).But if you need to watch videos and play games daily, you need to think twice. Usually, you will become sensitive after less than 5 hours.

But such a mini is still verysuitable forthese people:


One is that office workers (such as me) only need a wireless charging base no matter how many w, and the battery life problem of the mini can be solved.


Second, don’t mind holding one more power bank, especially the MagSafe wireless power bank that major manufacturers have been developing recently, and the official Smart Battery MagSafe Case that will be released according to unreliable news (very looking forward to it).


The third is for light mobile phone users, those who are not accustomed to large-scale mobile games (specially point out that FPS games such as Peace Elite, due to the large number of buttons on the game interface, are not suitable for small screen use), mini is an excellent choice.


Disappointing gaming experience:


We all know that three years ago, the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus almost monopolized the main mobile game anchors and professional players, and even eclipsed the simultaneous release of the iPhone X.


So now that it has the "big screen" almost the same as the "big screen" game artifact iPhone 8 Plus, can the iPhone 12 mini become a stronger A14 game gun like 8p?


The answer is two words 


Very difficult


Before buying, I carefully studied the screen size of the mini, and I was naive to think that with the size of the 8 Plus screen, you can easily control the major mainstream mobile games, but reality gave me a heavy hammer.After discarding the "backward" straight bangs and home button area on the iPhone 8 Plus, the 12 mini has become lagging behind in terms of gaming.Even with almost the same screen size, the thumb is in a very awkward position due to the close proximity of the supporting fingers when the user holds it.In order to stably touch the direction and skill keys on both sides, the thumb needs to be close to the inside of the palm on the 12 mini.



(Long sticking to the body will cause fingers fatigue)


In the surplus space of the 8 Plus, you can wrap both sides of the phone calmly, which allows your thumb to have more free space and operation accuracy.

(Apparently iPhone 8 Plus has a better gaming experience)


This point was actually mentioned on Apple's official website when the iPhone X was released. The culprit that caused the full-screen iPhone gaming experience to be less than that of the iPhone 8 Plus is the "Safe area" setting in the full-screen development and design.




The existence of the safe area makes the screen size lose part of the real usable area. Since the mini body is indeed compressed very small, the originally extremely limited effective usable area becomes smaller accordingly, so if you want to enjoy it on the mini If you want to play games freely, then I would recommend a 6.1-inch or 6.7-inch large-screen iPhone. Many games will adapt the buttons to the full screen, such as moving the buttons closer to the center, but this also requires more Based on a large screen.

Follow-up thoughts brought by Mini:


After using the mini alone for a long time, there will be a strange feeling. Every day I feel that this phone is getting bigger. From the beginning I used the iPad instead of the mini to watch videos, and then I used the mini directly to watch it with relish.From the lightness of nothing at the beginning to the later I began to dislike the less heavy mobile phone cases.It seems that there is only iPhone12mini on the main stage, but it is not so mini. 


Then why do we think it is so different in this era?


Until one day I met a long-lost high school friend, and the Mi 10 Pro in his hand instantly made my feelings fade, and the mini in his hand seemed to return to the mini again.The wonderful experience and the sense of intertwined times under this strong contrast can inevitably make us think about whether we want large-screen phones or do mobile phone manufacturerswantus to want large-screen phones?

In this era where mobile phone demand is dominated and "created" by major manufacturers, I think the iPhone 12 mini is an opportunity that Apple gives us to truly choose our needs.

(Think of which company will specifically go out to produce a low-priced flagship chip small-screen mobile phone, such as the SE series)

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