Tik Tok.. How do you profit from short videos?

If there is an example to be used when saying a harmful and beneficial Lord, we may not find a better platform for the manufacture of short video content as an example to explain this saying. That platform, which was launched in 2016, did not flourish and become what it is now, because its application is in Currently, it is the most downloaded application in the world, after it exceeded the number of downloads that reached 3.5 billion downloads, except thanks to the damage caused to many of those we miss at the present time. What is the story of the Tik Tok platform, and what is the truth about the huge profits that content makers get through it? Let us answer you through the following lines.

Tik Tok.. How do you profit from short videos?

If there is an example to be used when saying a harmful and beneficial Lord, we may not find a better platform for the manufacture of short video content as an example to explain this saying. That platform, which was launched in 2016, did not flourish and become what it is now, because its application is in Currently, it is the most downloaded application in the world, after it exceeded the number of downloads that reached 3.5 billion downloads, except thanks to the damage caused to many of those we miss at the present time. What is the story of the Tik Tok platform, and what is the truth about the huge profits that content makers get through it? Let us answer you through the following lines.

Tik Tok, between success and eliminating competitors

The credit for this huge number of downloads is due to the Corona pandemic, that pandemic that made everyone’s motto to work from home, and eliminated a lot of entertainment for everyone, so they had no choice but to watch and create short video content, which distinguished - unlike long videos - With the ease of doing it through smartphone camera photography, researchers have even called Tik Tok “the social network that has conquered the epidemic.”

The application gained wide popularity in this period, and it became so famous that it became a point of contention between the American and Chinese governments. In 2020, Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America announced his decision to ban the Tik Tok application in the United States, if the ByteDance company refused The owner of the application sold it to an American company.

The Chinese government saw this as a way to bend its arm, making it official that if the choice was to either sell the app to an American company or stop it, they would turn it off.

Tik Tok continued to compete with platforms one after the other, after it acquired the largest proportion of Facebook users and put Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg in a crisis that is almost one of the most important reasons for Facebook's move to Meta, it also outperformed last September on the largest video platform - before the emergence of Tik Tok - YouTube, where the viewership rates on the Tik Tok application exceeded the viewership rates on YouTube, in the field of direct broadcasting, which many no longer follow on YouTube.

Also, which shows you the extent of the dominance of this platform, Amazon sends an email to its employees asking them to uninstall the application from the company’s phones, the company claimed in this mail that this is for security reasons, but the matter is known, even after they later claimed that this mail by mistake.


Finally, even the Netflix platform did not escape Tik Tok’s competition with it, according to Red Hastings himself, CEO of Netflix, who in the past came out with a statement saying that sleep is his company’s biggest competitor, but after a while, and after the Tik Tok platform spread more He came out to say that video games and short videos are the biggest threat to the Netflix platform, and he singled out TikTok as the representative of short videos.

There have even been many reports that Netflix should buy the Tik Tok platform, due to users fleeing to it, and because Tik Tok relies on advertising for its profits, a method of work different from Netflix, which depends in its profits on monthly and annual subscriptions, which certainly will not Ad revenue competes, but due to China's insistence not to sell the app to any company, there are reports at the moment that even Netflix is ​​on the way to activating the short video service.

How does Tik Tok make its money?

I'll never get tired of saying it, if you don't pay for a service, make sure you are the commodity.

We are always used to this question, as we always see that the amount of expenses behind many applications, is not close to the amount of profits that we see directly in front of our eyes, just as many people were surprised by buying a free application such as WhatsApp in a deal that reached 19 billion dollars, at the time Which WhatsApp was a completely free application without any obvious profits.

The same thing in Tik Tok, everyone is wondering, where does Tik Tok get all this money that it pays to content makers, as it is just an application to display short videos in longitudinal dimensions for many.

The business model of the Tik Tok platform depends on profiting from all types of content that is published on it, we can initially collect them all under the name of profit from advertisements, but they are divided into several types, and these types - short before detailing:

1. Ads on the For You  page

This is one of the most important sites for displaying ads in the Tik Tok application, the For You page is simply the window that informs you of what you do not know, but it will certainly draw your attention because it depends on the mechanism of its work on the Tik Tok algorithm that is able to display the content that interests you always, and displays These ads are in the form of videos like the one on the page, so you do not feel that they are an advertisement until you focus on the name of the account that displays this content.

2. Brand Takeover Ads

Brand Takeover ads are also one of the most important means of profit for the application, and these ads depend in the way they work on the sudden and forced appearance when you open it for the first time, and you may or may not be able to skip them sometimes, forcing you to watch the entire advertisement or exit the application.

These ads are usually used as a means of awareness and direct sales, as they are not considered a type of Content Marketing, unlike the For You page ads that appear to you in the form of a video like the one you see, they simply appear to you in the form of an advertisement in a direct format and with a specific message.

3. Top View Ads

This is also a type of Brand Takeover ads, but the difference between them is that Brand Takeover ads appear at the beginning of the application, while Top View ads appear after using the application for several seconds, and last for up to 60 seconds, and usually appear when watching a video containing High number of views.

4. Hashtag ads

If you go to the Discovery page within the application, you will find a number of popular tags at the moment. Among these hashtags, there are hidden hashtags of different brands or that some brands use indirectly to advertise themselves, and this is also one of the most important The means of earning the application, as content creators are rushing to create short clips using these hashtags as well as using the music or songs in these clips to be able to appear on this page.

5. Tik Tok Coins

This is a common source of profit, whether for TikTok itself or the content maker at the same time, as this method depends on users buying a number of currencies - TikTok Coins - to give it to content creators they love during the broadcast of live videos, and eventually the content creators convert these currencies to real money or gift cards with which they can shop through many stores participating in this program such as Noon, Panda and others.

Tik Tok in this type of profit depends on the commission that it takes, as it takes a commission from the content maker when withdrawing profits, sometimes up to 50 percent of the coins, which are purchased with real money, and also takes a commission from users who buy these coins from within The application, thus ensuring that its profits are not interrupted by both sides.

It is reported that there is a maximum withdrawal of profits through this program of 1000 dollars per day, and the minimum withdrawal is 100 dollars.

The price of these currencies varies from one country to another, for example, one Tik Tok coin is equal to $100 in some countries, and it may be worth more or less depending on the country in which you reside.

How to profit from TikTok through the TikTok Pulse program

Tik Tok recently announced, through its blog, a new profitable program for content creators called TikTok Pulse, a new program that competes with profit programs from YouTube, as it relies on the sharing of advertising profits with content creators by up to 50 percent, and this is a large number and close to the number that you share from During which the YouTube platform makes its profits with content creators, as the latter shares 55 percent with them.

For its part, TikTok Pulse will offer a number of features that only members of the program will benefit from, including the presence of advertising campaign videos within 4% of the most viewed videos on the application.

As for the content, it will be in twelve different categories, including cooking, fashion, games and others - according to Tik Tok - that users like to interact with.

What countries will the Tik Tok profit program be available in?

Unfortunately, the countries where the TikTok Pulse program will be available will be the United States starting next June, but that is only the beginning, according to an interview with The Verge, the program will begin to spread to the rest of the world next fall.

On the other hand, there are different ways to earn from Tik Tok directly, by converting your account to a Pro account from the settings, but, unfortunately, this is only available in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, and finally France.

What are the conditions for activating the profit from Tik Tok and how much can you win?

Despite the ease of profit from Tik Tok, the company has set many conditions that must be implemented in order to be able to profit from the application, and these conditions do not fall under the “or” category, but all of them must be applied without excluding any of them, and it is mentioned that the audit process is part of They are done manually, so I never advise you to circumvent these terms or try to enforce them in illegal ways as this may cause your account to be permanently suspended.

As for the most important question for you, which is how much you can earn from Tik Tok, you can use the profit calculator from Tik Tok on the Influencer Marketing Hub website , in which you type your account name and do some calculations to predict what you can earn through a single video.

The conditions for profit from Tik Tok are:

  1. The age of the owner of the Tik Tok account that he is seeking to profit from must be over 18 years old.
  2. Ensure that the account publishes at least three videos per week, and that these videos are original made by the account holder and are not stolen or republished.
  3. That the account that seeks to profit from Tik Tok must have at least 100 thousand real followers, and they are not fake followers, as some buy accounts that you follow.
  4. That all the videos on your account are free of any violations or warnings, which in turn may cause the account to be completely suspended and not only not to activate the profit from Tik Tok on it.
  5. That the volume of interaction on your account be large and not fake, by creating distinctive content that attracts users.
  6. Residency in one of the countries where it is allowed to earn money from Tik Tok, whether through the TikTok Pulse program or otherwise.

The most profitable people from Tik Tok

Although on the surface it seems a little complicated, not from a technical point of view, but from an investigation point of view as it requires a lot of effort, continuity and other factors, but, to give you some hope, here are the most profitable accounts on the Tik Tok platform:

In first place comes Addison Rae Easterling, which makes dance content on different types of music, and Addison's annual earnings reach $5 million, followed by sisters Charli and Dixie, who earn four million and three million annually, respectively.

All of the above belonged to humans, as for the rest, there is Jiffpom , a small Pomeranian puppy, who is the most profitable dog on the platform, reaching twelve thousand in profit per clip.


These are followed by different types of content such as Demi Bagby, who earned $3 million from less than 50 ads in 2020, and is surpassed by Chef Gordon Ramsay, who earned $3.8 million last year through ad content only.

Different ways to earn from Tik Tok

We agree, then, that Tik Tok has many programs and ways to profit through it for content makers, but not all of them are available in all countries, and each of them has conditions that must be met in order to be able to obtain profits through it.

However, as it is a content creation platform in itself, there are many other legitimate profit methods through which you can make money through the Tik Tok application, which are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing and Product Promotion - Affiliate Marketing
  2. Via live broadcast

1. Through affiliate marketing and product promotion - Affiliate Marketing

One of the most important and easiest ways to profit for users of Tik Tok and other content creation platforms is profit through commission marketing. These products were websites, services, or real products, in exchange for making money for every sale made through your video.

Tik Tok in this case acts as a platform to promote products, just like Facebook pages or websites, but in the form of quick short videos.

You can also through the presence of a platform such as Tik Tok to display the content you want, to market the products that you produce yourself, such as selling a specific commodity and displaying it on Tik Tok, whether in the form of review and review videos or videos of opening the box, and you can also benefit from having Many Influencers are on the platform for you to use to promote your products.

This process is not limited to having products that you produce yourself or by communicating with companies, there are many affiliate marketing programs all over the world and in many large and guaranteed sites, and you can simply sign up for one of the affiliate programs on Jumia or Amazon sites Or others, where you choose the products you want to market, and then start promoting these products.

There are also special platforms for commission marketing so as not to work directly with stores, and among these platforms is the Arab Clicks platform, in which the percentage of profits reached 80 percent of the price of the product. 

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