Top 5 NEW Open World Games of 2020

It is 2020 and open-world games are as big as ever ton of great new ones coming this year.I will give you the top 5 new open-world games of 2020

Top 5 NEW Open World Games of 2020

It is 2020 and open-world games are as big as ever ton of great new ones coming this year.I will give you the top 5 new open-world games of 2020

Number 5: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

This is a game that has a lot of expectations and for a lot of people meets them but it's not necessarily for everyone let's just say this starts a little bit slow but in my opinion when it gets going it's really a worthwhile game.

It's not perfect but this is a retelling of the full Dragon Ball saga that I'm not really upset about the level of imperfection for me it's a game that needed to be made and is a satisfyingly made game it's not going to rock your socks off with new features or anything it's an open-world game it delivers some high-octane Dragon Ball combat it has an enjoyable game and honestly for me I don't care that it's not the most innovative thing I've ever played.

It's just one really cool looking game that gives you the entire Dragon Ball saga I enjoy the hell out of it I'm not going to tell you that it's perfect or then absolutely every person's going to like it but just for how faithful and how fun this game is, in my opinion kind of overcomes the lack of innovation it's pretty much the best dragon ball story video game.

It is out now for ps4 Xbox one and PC I would recommend playing it.


Number 4: watch dogs Legion

We talked about how there are some games that have done a good job creating a look and the watchdogs series has done exactly that this one in particular looks to really take the ball and run with it though watchdogs Legion is set in a hypothetical alternate future Britain where Brexit has taken everybody in a police state direction.

The game focuses on creating a resistance to the police state which is obviously powered by CTOs the operating system that the series is based around this is taking the Grand Theft Auto 5 route and giving us multiple protagonists to play.

Personally I think that's a good move for this game particularly if anything I think that it actually lends itself for that kind of story more so than even Grand Theft Auto if we're talking about building a hacker resistance then only seeing one person's perspective on that might actually get kind of boring after a while but the characters themselves look to bring more than just narrative differences they actually will have different skills and honestly I think that this may be a landmark game for the watchdog's franchise

It is hitting PlayStation 4 and 5 Xbox one Xbox series X, Windows and stadia sometime this year.


Number 3: Elden ring

The collaboration between FromSoftware and George RR martin this is kind of the FromSoftware open-world experiment will essentially work with the world wide open in some respects I think we've seen a little bit of a preview of what we may see with Elden ring with ashen albeit with an entirely different aesthetic story etc. but what I think a lot of people are particularly interested in is the George RR martin collaboration.

The way that worked out is George RR martin did the world-building elements of it and mi Yazaki and From basically filled in the actual story beat by beat.

I think that's a pretty interesting way of collaborating and I have some pretty high hopes for Elden ring honestly from the software's never really let us down before why would it start now Elden ring will be out sometime this year on Windows PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Number 2: Ghost of Tsushima

Which is an action-adventure game with a stealth twist basically this was revealed, and I was already ready for it is absolutely a gorgeous looking game.

It comes to us via Sucker Punch productions and follows The Last Samurai on Tsushima Island back in the 13th century.

The central conflict of the game is apparently the Mongol invasion of Japan the game is more or less about the fantasy of becoming a samurai in which you will over the course of the game learn the way of the ghost which is apparently a prerequisite for defeating the Mongol Empire.

Plenty about this game remains a mystery for now but if you recall sucker punch created the infamous series and apparently it's serving as the inspiration for the transversal techniques that the main character of this game will be employing so I think that can give us a little bit of a hint as to how the game will play we also know there's a heavy stealth element and that just comes out of the words of the developers themselves so combining these two things makes me very interested, on top of that like I said ghosts of Tsushima is gorgeous it's coming to PlayStation 4 in the second quarter of 2020.



Number 1: Cyberpunk 2077

Finally, the biggest game of the year probably the game that we all want to play the most it's cyberpunk, you knew this was coming I don't know what I can say about cyberpunk that we haven't already said I don't know how you could not know what it is but just to distill  it looks a lot like first-person grand theft auto in the coolest-looking city of all time to say I'm ready to jump into the world Punk is such a massive understatement I cannot wait it's going to be landing on Windows ps4 Xbox one in Stadia.

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